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June 1960: The Class of '64 was just graduating from 8th grade. Some of our classmates came from Bingham Grammar School, Runnemede NJ.

Click on the picture for a close up of the faces.

Top row: Tom Crompton, Walter Croak, ..., ..., John Bauscher, Dave Worrell, Warren Spaeth, Bill DePaul, John Smith, ..., Ed Wlodarczyk
3rd row: Arthur Yike, Jim Reynolds, William Norton, John Scavelli, Richard Zandlo, Bob Whitby, ..., Dan Cimini, George Hyndman, ..., Bill Ziegler, Edward Ford, William Lloyd, ..., ..., Bruce Shelton, Jimmy McColligan, David Leader, Del Downing, ..., ..., ..., Ed Bauer, ..., David Stevens, ..., ..., Arthur Willers, ..., Arthur Yike, Jerry Davis, ..., ...
2nd row: ..., Barbara Mitchell, Lenora Esposito, Joanne Lattanzi, Deborah Drexler, Faye Hopkins, ..., ..., Carol Smith, Kathy McGough (?), ..., ..., Vicki Miller, ..., ..., ..., ..., Lois Schramm, Angela Henshall, ..., Dian Bendler, ..., Linda Iezzi, Sharon LaBarr, Maryanne O'Connell, ..., ..., Arlene Yates, Mary Edelmayer, ..., ..., ..., Ruth Fonash, ..., ..., Ellen Whitelaw
Bottom: ..., ..., ..., ..., Kathy Levins, Carol Brode, ..., Diane Gesnaker, Betty Stewart, ..., ..., ..., Nancy Borsch, ..., ..., Peggy Leidy, Connie Morris, ..., ..., Pam Baroudi, ...
Others: Barbara Boyd, Helen Colon, Sylvia Colon, David Keyko, William Wozniak, Margaret Welsh,

Where have they been?
Where are they now?

Lenora Esposito Lee was married to Alan Marinelli (TRHS, '61) for 20 years and they have 2 children — a daughter, Jackie, who is now 44 years old, and and a son, Alan Jr, who is now 42 years old. Lee still can't believe their ages! Hahaha! Lee also has 4 grandchildren.

Can you believe that, Lee???

In 1980, Lee and Al moved to the Bucks County, PA, where Lee has lived ever since. In 1987, Lee remarried — Charles Ritter — and has been remarried to Charles, now, for 22 years.

Carol Smith Carol lives in Mantua, NJ. She and Dan Cimini were married for 24 years and have 2 daughters — one in Florida, who is the Vice President of Recruitment for the largest power and light company in the US, and one in Western PA, who is the mother of 2 boys, the oldest of whom will be driving this September. In Carol's words, "That really puts things in perspective!"

Daniel Cimini Dan lives in Myrtle Beach, SC, and enjoys life. He says that he has been able to do everything that he wanted to do in life and has enjoyed every minute. He was married for 24 years to Carol Smith, then divorced, and is now re-married, 11 years later, to a fantastic lady, Pat.

After high school, Dan attended Rutgers and Camden County College at night and completed his Bachelors Degree at Camden University in Delaware. He wishes now that he had studied more in high school. It would have made the degree process much easier.

Dan made his prime career in the United States Air Force. However, for the last 4 years, he has the job of a life time — the job that he dreamed of from grade school. He is the Assistant Fire Chief for Myrtle Beach. The department has 154 fire fighters and 7 fire stations and covers 29 sq mi.

Addendum: As of 2013, Dan is now retired from his fire chief's job, too!

Helen Colon Helen lives in Cinnaminson, NJ, with her husband, Tony Ciasullo.

Helen and Tony at the Aug 23, 2008, reunion party


Helen as she returned home to Cinnaminson, after a night of raucuous partying with the Class of '64 at the Villari's Lakeside Tiki Bar on July 12, 2008.

Helen at home reading a manuscript
for the "Next Great Play"

Helen, what happened to the cat-eye glasses
from your senior picture???

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If you have some pictures that you can share with the class,
please email them to Arlene Hofmann Furfero